Boost storage operations with the most capital efficient liquid staking pool

Support Filecoin growth while mitigating systemic risk to the network.
Mainnet Beta

Highest Leverage

Up to 3x leverage on your FIL to use it as an initial pledge for adding new storage to the network.

Maximized Profitability

Partnering with Collectif DAO allows Storage Providers to earn up to 40% more in mining rewards, maximizing rewards for stakers.

Predictable Profit Rate

60% of mining rewards are allocated to storage providers, while the remaining 40% is distributed among stakers.
Trusted by
Decurity is a team of blockchain security experts with proven record since 2017. We prioritize working exclusively with audited firms that have maintained a strong security track record and ZERO dollars lost.
Audited by the best
The onboarding process with Collectif DAO starts by filling out a form here. After finishing the form Collectif DAO team would provide a Risk Assessment Report and contact SP to discuss the requirements in detail. Once SP is agreed to participate in Collectif DAO, it could register on the smart contract by providing the total FIL allocation and Miner ID.
Any other questions?
We'd be happy to assist! Please contact us via the form or other suitable way.